Other Miscellaneous Information and Sources

A helpful fact sheet to be handed to the uniformed

What is an AR-15 Used for?
Folks always ask what an AR-15 is used for.  This explains it.

FBI 2011 table-20
Every time someone site the Brady Center or Stop Handgun Violence, we take the high road.  We never Quote NRA.  We go right to the FBI.

Gun education
Slides used to educate our State Senator on our position.

We like to keep stats in our “Back Pocket” just in case

Town Council
Even our Own Town Council was leery of Article 30.  Here is their letter.

Weapons Used in Mass Shootings
One comment we kept hearing over and over was, “Well, Assault Weapons may not be used in regular crime, but Mass Shooters prefer them.”  Mother Jones (no friend of firearms owners, I can assure you) had a LOT of detailed information collated on Mass Shooters.  Here again, Handguns were preferred. AR-15’s were in a minority.

More Guns Equals Less Crime
Another good image file.

Modern Sporting Rifle History - timeline
When you look at this image you realize that EVERY rifle ever made has an analogues military application.