Election May 2, 2023

Despite all the other things going on, there is a Town Election this Tuesday, 5/2. Since there are only 2 competitive races, we at WP2A have saved ourselves time and only considered the competitive races, and will only share with you our “A Grade” candidates.

Board of Health
Alesia J. Raczelowski – A
Alesia is a Phys-Ed teacher and LTC Holder.

School Committee
Meghan F. O’Connell – A
Meghan is a long time Sportsmens club member.

Notes on uncontested races
Uncontested races mean that we the people lack true choices. All of us need to either consider running for office, or recruiting others to do so.

For example, the the key office of Select Board, we have no idea of Chris Barrett’s view of the Second Amendment. Tom Clay, however, has proven he is a true enemy of the Second Amendment and the Constitution. He will receive and F in the future. Most if not all of the current sitting board will as well.



Grade A – The candidate fully supports the Second Amendment in word, deed, and/or takes a pro-active approach to demonstrating this.
Grade B – The candidate states that they fully support the second amendment, but no other evidence is available to show how they might act.
Grade C – The candidate has made remarks that Westford Pro 2A considers less than fully supportive of the Second Amendment, but we are unaware of any actions by the candidate to undermine the Second Amendment.
Grade F – The candidate has made actions to limit the Second Amendment rights of people.

Grade I – Incomplete or unavailable, or he candidate did NOT respond to questions, or could not be reached.