Election November 8, 2022

Normally we focus on local Boards and Committees in Westford and leave State candidates to the Gun Owners Action League. This year, however, there are several candidates who are residents of Westford we feel you should all be aware of.

House of Representatives, Second Middlesex District

Dr. Raymond Xie – GRADE A
Dr. Xie is a member of the Westford Sportsmens Club and has gone out of his way to tell local voters, gun owners and people involved in the outdoor sports how he will protect their Second Amendment rights.

James Arciero – Grade F
This candidate stopped returning phone calls from us over 4 years ago and has supported unconstitutional Red Flag laws and more. When the day comes when the candidate picks up the phone and talks with us, we will consider revising his grade.

State Senate, First Middlesex District

Kenneth B. Hoyt – Grade B
Our Grade is based on a score by GOAL of 100%

Edward J. Kennedy – Grade F
This is based on GOAL’s grade.

If you are interested on any other Candidate(s), please view the information at GOAL’s website:

As an FYI, candidates receive a % grade, and incumbents receive a letter grade.


Grade A – The candidate fully supports the Second Amendment in word, deed, and/or takes a pro-active approach to demonstrating this.
Grade B – The candidate states that they fully support the second amendment, but no other evidence is available to show how they might act.
Grade C – The candidate has made remarks that Westford Pro 2A considers less than fully supportive of the Second Amendment, but we are unaware of any actions by the candidate to undermine the Second Amendment.
Grade F – The candidate has made actions to limit the Second Amendment rights of people.

Grade I – Incomplete or unavailable, or he candidate did NOT respond to questions, or could not be reached.