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Westford Pro 2A position on State Representative James Arciero

At the end of June, Westford’s State Representative James Arciero voted in favor of the “Red Flag on Guns” bill that Governor Baker later signed. Whereas any police chief in Massachusetts already had the ability to revoke a License to Carry (LTC), now any family or household member can make a claim against a gun owner that they are a danger to themselves and society. If the do, that person will be dragged into court, have any know guns removed, and then RELEASES THEM BACK ONTO THE STREET.

Representative Arciero has made a point to say that he has, in the past, been a Grade A legislature for GOAL. Regardless of this, Westford Pro 2A will be issuing him a grade of F as of now.

Lastly, Mr. Arciero, as OUR representative, has an obligation to respond to his constituents. I, and other members of Westford Pro 2A, reached out to him numerous times during this bill’s hearings. He NEVER responded back despite our numerous efforts. That is unacceptable.

We have learned that a newcomer, Kathy Lynch, will be running for State Representative in the fall.  Initial reports are that she is both responsive, and looks at the individual, not inanimate objects. We will be reporting on this further.