Election November 6, 2018


For State-wide elections, we look at how incumbents have voted, and what they and their challengers have stated in public. Where there is ambiguity, we attempt to contact the candidates to clarify their positions on the Second Amendment. We then grade the candidates. The letters are A, B, C, F, or I (Incomplete/Unavailable).

Grade A – The candidate fully supports the Second Amendment in word, deed, and/or takes a pro-active approach to demonstrating this.

Grade B – The candidate states that they fully support the second amendment, but no other evidence is available to show how they might act.

Grade C – The candidate has made remarks that Westford Pro 2A considers less than fully supportive of the Second Amendment, but we are unaware of any actions by the candidate to undermine the Second Amendment.

Grade F – The candidate has made actions to limit the Second Amendment rights of people.

Grade I – Incomplete or unavailable, or he candidate did NOT respond to questions, or could not be reached.

We present our grades from Most local to least.

Representative in General Court

Kathleen Lynch – A

Ms. Lynch has proven herself to be a staunch supporter of the Second Amendment. She is an active member of her sportsman’s club, and has chaired the Sportswoman’s Committee, and introduced a host of new people into the shooting sports. Ms. Lynch received a 100% grade from the Gun Owners Action League (GOAL).

James Arciero – F

The incumbent has taken a sudden and hard turn against law abiding firearms owners. His own announcements focus on two of these infringements.

First, is the “bump stock ban.” We are willing to have an open debate on this issue. The incumbent was not, choosing instead to not return our phone calls. The law not only makes them illegal (contrary to Federal Law), but violates the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution by requiring ALL lawfully purchased items to be destroyed or seized by the Government.

Second, is the Extreme Risk Protection Order (ERPO). This order may be brought agaist someone by virtually anyone, including the Government, and requires that ONLY the Government may seize your lawful firearms. This constitutional disaster is bad enough. But then the incumbent went further to vote AGAINST a proposed provision to provide mental health services for people deemed to be at risk. In essence the incumbent is saying that, if you are a risk, we’ll take the guns we know about, and let you walk free among us.

This summary of votes was enough to rate the incumbent a D from GOAL. We at Westford Pro 2A issued him a lower grade of F for refusing to take our phone calls, refusing to call us back, and refusing to discuss the matters with us. This behavior is unacceptable from elected officials whose salaries we pay.


John A. MacDonald – B

After reaching out to Mr. MacDonald, the candidate spoke with us and stated his full support for the Second Amendment. If he wins, we look forward to ensuring he follows his words with actions.

Edward J. Kennedy – F

Mr. Kennedy is a former Lowell City Councilor and it is our understanding from reviewing the council meetings that he has favored the Lowell policy that restricts issuing LTC’s to people who not only meet the legal requirements (i.e., are not a prohibited person), but who also show a “need” for that LTC. Clearly Westford Pro 2A wonders what other Constitutionally guaranteed rights a citizen must justify a “need” for. Attempts to speak with the candidate were unsuccessful.


Rick Green – B

After reaching out to Mr. Green, a spokes person spoke with us and stated his full support for the Second Amendment. In addition, he has stated that heopposes any effort to repeal the Second Amendment.

“We all agree that protecting the safety and security of our children is our shared responsibility,” Green said in a statement by email. “Tinkering with the Bill of Rights is not the answer. Our freedoms make us the most unique and prosperous country in the world and I would not repeal any of those rights.”

Lori Loureiro Trahan – C

Ms. Trahan’s words on the matter may be found here:


In particular, she states, “The federal government has the responsibility to provide for the common defense by standing up to the NRA, whose money funds murder.”

Since many of us are dues paying NRA members, it is impossible to give a passing grade to someone who calls you a murderer.


Geoff Diehl – B

Mr. Diehl’s states unequivocally, “Limiting our Second Amendment rights does not translate into tough-on-crime measures. It doesn’t make anyone safer. It only punishes law-abiding citizens!” We would hold him to that.

Elizabeth A. Warren – F

Ms. Warren has proven she is no friend of law abiding firearms owners. In her book, A Fighting Chance, by Elizabeth Warren, she she advocates for gun control, rather than CRIME control, despite acknowledging that most gun related deaths are gang related. She has told the Boston Globe (July 27, 2012) that she favors a new Federal Assault Weapons Ban. Lastly, she voted in favor of H.R.138&S.33 13-S0033 on Jan 22, 2013 to ban what she calls, “Large Capacity Feeding Devices”.

Shiva Ayadurai – I


James R. McMahan – B

Mr. McMahan has repeatedly said in all public venues that he will protect and defend the Second Amendment. During the WGBH debate, he spoke about the incumbents unilateral ban on lawful semi-automatic rifles. McMahon said Healey’s stated reason for issuing an order on getting copycat assault weapons was to “get guns off the street.”

“Only legal guns got off the street, illegal guns will always be on the streets,” he continued. “And as for gun violence, no licensed gun owner has committed gun crimes in Massachusetts.”

Maura Healy – F

Maura Healy has literally invented words and terms no present in the laws of the Commonwealth to unilaterally ban lawful guns. We will not waste anymore words describing her.

Other Statewide Elections

Baker – C
Gonzalez – F

Treasurer – NO POSITION
Councilor – NO POSITION
District Attorney – NO POSITION
Clerk of Courts – NO POSITION
Register of Deeds – NO POSITION

Ballot Question 1 – NO POSITION

Ballot Question 2 – Though not a Second Amendment question, Westford Pro 2A NOT support any effort to limit political speech by any individual or organization.

Ballot Question 3 – NO POSITION