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Who We Are

Westford Pro 2A is a concerned citizens coalition dedicated to a peaceable community without sacrificing civil liberties.

Westford Pro 2A Warns of ALICE Shortcomings

One of the founders of Westford Pro 2A recently wrote wrote about the shortcoming of the ALICE program.  Read the Lowell Sun Letter HERE.

Westford Pro 2A’s founder offers to help local newspapers

One of the founders of Westford Pro 2A recently wrote to the two local papers, the Lowell Sun and the Wesford Eagle, and offered to help train them and their employees on safety.

Here is a copy of the letter sent. Newspaper offer 2018

Westford Pro 2A’s founder offers to help schools

One of the founders of Westford Pro 2A was interviewed on the local community access TV Channel.  At time mark 6:52 he offers to help the local school district. He has since expanded that offer to individual teachers and administrators.

See the interview here.

Westford Pro 2A’s position on State Representative James Arciero

Read our position here.


Author of the Gun Ban Bylaw Loses Seat on Board of Selectmen

It was a hard fought race, but out of the four candidates running, Bob Jefferies, author of “Article 30” came in dead last. The race was between to incumbents and two new candidates for two positions. We would like to congratulate Scott Hazelton for coming in first.  Hazelton’s son was in the Jr. Olympics for shooting and he joined the race after reading about Article 30.

The second winner was incumbent Andrea Peraner-Sweet. Andrea voted in favor of removing Article 30 as well as Jefferies’ Goal 8 “to work with the chief of police to remove assault weapons from town”. (Note to reader:” Assault Weapons” are already banned).

We would also like to say great job to newcomer Jim Jarvie who along with Hazelton joined the race as a result of the Article 30 debacle and out out of control spending.  Jarvie lost by about 145 votes.  We hope to see Jarvie build his political presence in Westford in the future.  Thank you for stepping up!

Westford Pro 2A Wins the President’s Award

Westford Pro 2A recently won the GOAL President’s award for defending citizen’s rights, specifically on defeating Article 30. A few members attended the GOAL Rally on Boston Common and were then guests of Senator Eileen Donoghue and Representative James Arciero at the State House later that day. A photo taken by Arciero’s staff photographer of us, the award, and our Rep was featured in the Lowell Sun the same day the author of the gun ban bylaw was elected out of office.

Citizen’s Petition

It is well known by now that Denali Delmar submitted a citizen’s petition that was an exact duplicate of Jefferies’ Article 30. Word for word exact duplicate. The intent was that if Article 30 was removed, this petition could take its place and still go to Town Meeting. We have a update to share, credited to the Westford Eagle which is a printed paper but does not have an online version:

Westford Eagle – February 28, 2013

Denali Delmar speaks in regard to the removal of Article 30 from the warrant and not allowing her Citizen’s Petition to be added to the warrant for Town Meeting.

“I support the Selectmen’s decision to remove local efforts to control excessively powerful weapons, and I agree that the discussion has begun,” Delmar said. “I trust it will continue in our town, in our state, and in our nation.”

Although it is still unfortunate that it is not understood that the similarities between an AR-15 (one bullet per trigger pull) and a military weapon (a spray of bullets – hundreds per minute) are all cosmetic (Read more), we were pleased to see that Delmar’s Citizen’s Petition did not make the town warrant.

Goal 8

Goal 8 was on a list of Goals for the Board of Selectmen for 2013.

“Work with the Police Chief to propose a new bylaw to ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines in town.”

As we know, Assault Weapons and high capacity magazines are already banned under Massachusetts law.

On February 26th, Chair of the Board, Kelly Ross, made a move to have this removed from the list of Goals. Four of the five Selectmen (Wormell, Peraner-Sweet, Sullivan, and Ross)  voted to remove it. Selectman (and author of the goal) Bob Jefferies abstained. The motion passed and Goal 8 is no longer on the list of goals for 2013.

The War to Keep Our Civil Rights Continues

Jefferies said he would not let the discussion about banning assault weapons in town end with the withdrawal of his article.

“I don’t think it ended tonight,” he said. “I have to find out how to move forward.”

The First Battle was Won

Thank you to everyone who called the selectmen or emailed them to let them know how you felt about Article 30. After a turnout over 100 at the BoS meeting last Thursday resulting in a reschedule for February 20. We had hundreds turn out to the rescheduled meeting. Citizens defending their basic constitutional rights filled the auditorium at Stony Brook School in Westford, MA. The Board of Selectmen spoke their reasons for removing Article 30 from a closed warrant. Val Wormell’s stated that “I would like to see this end here and now. This is an issue best left at the state and federal level.”. Her comments were met in a spontaneous rise of emotion as the crowd applauded and then gave a standing ovation.

Article 30 has been REMOVED from the Warrant. Since the Warrant remained closed, the citizen’s petition that duplicated Jefferies’ words was NOT added to the warrant. The Selectmen then voted to sign the warrant.

In one member’s words “Setting a precedence just miles from where the “shot heard ’round the world” happened and started the path to Liberty. The support of all that helped keep that Liberty secure was awesome!”

This is one step, but not a done deal.


Westford Pro 2A March 14, at 7:30 PM at the Westford Sportsmen’s Club. We are excited to welcome Senator Eileen Donoghue and Representative Jim Arciero as special guests this evening. The club is located at 80 West Street near the Groton town line. Space is limited to the first 100 who arrive.

Town Meeting Saturday March 23, continuing on Wednesday March 27.

Town Election April 30 If you are not registered and need help registering to vote, contact us. We have a volunteer who will help you.

Use Your Vote

There are five positions on the Westford Board of Selectmen. Two have ending terms this year and are up for reelection: Bob Jefferies and Andrea Peraner-Sweet. Bob Jefferies authored Article 30 and after removing it from the town warrant has stated publicly that he will find other ways to accomplish his goal.

*** NOTE: The date to vote has been moved one week earlier to April 30th. ***

If Article 30 Passed

• Banned firearms include any firearm that accepts a magazine
• This affects firearms for the purposes of home defense, self-defense, small game hunting, sporting, target shooting, competition shooting, collectors
• Owners would have 90 days to remove a banned firearms from town or surrender them to the police chief
• Violators may be penalized by indictment or complaint in district court
• Violators would face a fine of $100 for first offense, $200 for second, and $300 for third.

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