Information on Article 30 – Gun Ban

On this page we attempt to guide Westford Residents to relevant information regarding Article 30.  Please do your research.

NEW VIDEO: Article 30 – A Flawed Process

Article 30 states that “No person shall sell, transfer, or possess any assault weapons, large capacity weapons, machine guns or large capacity feeding devices, regardless of the date of manufacture, within the Town of Westford.”

Here are some question residents should ask, and how Westford Pro 2A would answer them.

What is an assault weapon?
There is no such thing.  There is an assault rifle.  That is a machine gun.  You pull and hold the trigger and lots of bullets come out until the gun is empty.  Assault rifles were banned in 1934. What some people call an assault “weapon” we call the Modern Sporting Rifle.


It is a semi-automatic, meaning one bullet is shot per each trigger pull.  It is no different than a good old fashion revolver. If you would like to learn more about MSRs, go to this link at the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

What is a large capacity weapon / feeding device?
Seriously, we at Westford Pro 2A are tired of people calling guns “weapons”.  They are only weapons if a criminal uses it against someone.  If you are assaulted with a baseball bat, its a weapon, right?

A large capacity firearm is any firearm that could accept a large capacity feeding device.  A large capacity feeding device (or magazine) is a piece of sheet metal that holds more than 10 cartridges (bullets).  Why 10?  Politicians chose 10.

How are magazines tracked?
They aren’t.  No serial numbers. Simple sheet metal.  Anyone can make one if they have reasonable skills.

So, doesn’t that mean that ANY firearm, if it can take a 10 round magazine, could take a large capacity one?
YES.  That’s the problem.  As a result, the bylaw would ban not just the Modern Sporting Rifle, but all these common firearms:
This shotgun and rifle.                              This 1911. (As in the   This 200 year old revolver.
(70 year old technology)                           year it was first made)

Article 30 is on the Town Warrant HERE.
It starts of Page 14

Article 30 contains significant misinformation.  On this PDF, we dispute the language of Article 30 and present FACTS.  Please Click Article-30-statements-versus-fact-02-08-2013.

Whereas almost all Articles on the Warrant go through an exhaustive process of public comment and review, Article 30 did not.  It never even appeared on the agenda of the Board of Selectmen so no citizen would have ever known about it until after the fact.  Other articles were review in the public forum for 1 to 2 YEARS.  Article 30 will have less than 3 MONTHS before it is VOTED on.  Here is a summary of how this process compares with other Articles: process-comparison-westford-articles-2013